TradeEpay FAQs

How are the deposit amounts for each job stage determined?

The tradie (contractor) undertakes the normal quote process and provides a written quote for the work to be done. The quote should provide a detailed breakdown of the number of stages and the cost to be deposited for each stage.

As the homeowner, you have the option to agree or propose alternate amounts for each stage. Once both parties agree, the quote can be finalised, the first deposit is transferred into the secure trust account and the job can commence.

How am I notified about money transfers and completed job stages?

Both SMS and email notifications are automatically sent to your nominated mobile phone and email account submitted when you registered with TradeEpay.

Can I use TradeEpay to secure funds for any work I need done by a tradie?

Yes: TradeEpay is a secure transaction facility designed for projects ranging from single payments through to multiple progress payments for larger jobs.

When I transfer my deposit, where does it go?

Your transferred deposit is held in the secure trust account.

What is the Assembly payment gateway?

Assembly Payments is an online payment gateway which facilitates the internet banking transfer from a homeowner’s bank account to the secure trust account. Assembly Payments is preferred by homeowners as it is safe and simple. When the payment is confirmed, the tradie and the homeowner will both receive completed payment notifications.

Is the deposit safe? Who can access it?

Your deposit is as safe as any money held in the bank. It can only be transferred from the secure trust account to the tradie when the homeowner agrees by selecting the job stage as COMPLETED in the TradeEpay system. 

As a tradie, how am I assured of getting paid after completing the job stage?

The job stage payment is already held in the secure trust account: when the tradie notifies the homeowner that the job stage is complete and the homeowner agrees, the job stage payment is transferred into the tradie’s nominated bank account. TradeEpay’s online communication system makes mediation clear and simple when it comes to agreeing that a job stage is COMPLETED.

What if the homeowner refuses to agree that the job stage is complete?

If the tradie and the homeowner can not reach an agreement, an independent mediator will review the facts of the case and make recommendations. If an agreement still cannot be reached, the matter will follow the normal state arbitration procedures. Since the funds are already held in the secure trust account, judgements can be easily settled.

What is your TradeEpay user ID?

Your TradeEpay user ID is the nominated email address you entered when you registered. It is required for logging into your TradeEpay account and is used for communications between you and TradeEpay.

How does a tradie issue a refund / negative variation if one is required?

In order to issue a refund / negative variation, both the homeowner and tradie must agree that a refund is required, and both must agree on the $ amount to be refunded before a refund can be issued. Once an agreement has been reached by both parties, the tradie is required to complete and sign the Refund Authorisation Form and contact TradeEpay to process the request. We will then contact both parties to confirm the details of the refund.

As per TradeEpay’s Terms and Conditions, the payment processing fees are non-refundable.