About TradeEpay

TradeEpay is an Australian business.

Kev and Matt, two physiotherapists, founded TradeEpay on the back of everyday conversations with their customers. Tradies and homeowners would come in for their treatment and share their stories with us.

We heard a lot from tradie mates who were constantly chasing late payments and having issues communicating with their clients.

Tradies were finding themselves in a mountain of pain (literally) dealing with financial strain on their business, impacting both their physical and mental well-being.

At the same time, homeowners were telling us about their experiences renovating their homes. Like how uncomfortable they were handing over large deposits not knowing what would happen next. Or the number of times they didn’t get what they asked for. Or how they had to keep calling and chasing a tradie to find out where things are at with their project. Creating heaps of stress and strained relations with the tradie.


When we looked deeper into this, we soon discovered how common this experience is within the industry. And we thought, “There has to be a better way…”

A way where both tradies and homeowners get better control of the situation. That allows both parties to deal with each other with greater trust and confidence. And that helps them achieve a common goal: a job completed successfully, that everyone can take pride in.

That’s why we created TradeEpay. A platform that helps tradies and builders to manage jobs with homeowners flexibly and simply, facilitate smarter, safer payments and support clear and timely communications.

Supported by a business that puts people first. One that values trust, honesty, respect and fairness. Committed to backing both tradies and homeowners to achieve mutually successful outcomes.

Backed by investors and a team of experienced executives, we want TradeEpay to become the trusted way for tradies and homeowners to trade, pay and communicate with ease.