About TradeEpay

TradeEpay was developed to provide a real solution to the problem of payment security (including late and non-payments and poor cash flow) in the Australian building industry. 

TradeEpay is a secure, user friendly online mobile application that is as simple to use as an online bank account and provides clear documented communication between Tradies and Homeowners.

Progress payments are held in a secure trust account, ensuring that tradies are paid on-time for completed work, and that homeowners are satisfied with the completed work before agreeing to release the funds.

TradeEpay has awesome features that include the ability to incorporate variations | retentions | upload contracts, plans and engineering drawings | upload photos and videos | upload invoices | and text and email notifications.

Poor cash flow and late invoice payments can be devastating for small business owners. Once we understood the extent of the problem, we had to get on board to try to make a difference.

TradeEpay offers a simple solution that focuses on customer experience, ensuring satisfaction for both tradies and homeowners.