Our Vision & Mission

TradeEpay’s mission is to remove the stress from negotiating payments between homeowners and tradies.

Our Australian-made software facilitates simple financial transactions and communication platforms for industrial and residential construction management projects.

The software is as easy to use as any mobile banking app. Project payments are transferred into a secure trust account before work begins, and payment is released directly to the tradie when both client and tradie are satisfied and the job section is marked COMPLETED.

This simple but effective process:
  • Ensures prompt payment for tradies and service providers, reducing stress and cash flow problems.
  • Reduces the need for mediation and legal action between clients and tradies.
  • Instills confidence and security for both the client and the tradie that the job will be done properly, and the tradie will be promptly paid for their work.

Download and trial our free invoice software for tradies and small business service providers.