Tradie Survey Reveals Factors Affecting Mental and Physical Health

By 12th August 2019News

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has just completed their annual survey of tradies in the construction sector. More than 800 Tradies participated in the survey answering a range of questions around physical health, mental health and safety issues.

Some of the key statistics to come out of the report were:

  • 88% take care of the tools but only 60 per cent look after their body and mental health
  • 70% consider themselves fit and try to eat healthy
  • 69% believe its normal to be sore as a result of their work
  • 25% are comfortable to talk to a co-worker about a mental health issue¬†
  • 32% don’t follow safe lifting guidelines
  • 42% push their body past healthy limits
  • 48% haven’t taken a sick day in the past six months

Source: APA 2019

When interviewed about the report, APA national president Phil Calvert was quoted as saying that: “While tradies appear to be reluctant to open up to their workmates and bosses about mental health issues in particular, 73 per cent said they wouldn’t think any less of their workmates for taking time off for mental health concerns. So it seems they have a tougher expectations of themselves than their co-workers.”

Rockhampton physiotherapist Lesley Smith was also interviewed about the report: “A lot of injuries come through repetitive strain and that’s why regular breaks and regular stretching is also important especially with tasks like hammering, or drill work where we’ve got that constant gripping,” she said.

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