TradeEpay Benefits…
A Win-Win

For the Tradie

  • Improved cash flow and the security of on-time payments.
  • Saves you the time and money spent chasing outstanding debts.
  • FREE to join … No establishment or annual fees.
  • Ensures security of payment before the project has even started.
  • No need to change your current bank account arrangements to take advantage of TradeEpay.
  • Same day processing of payments direct to your nominated bank account.
  • Inbuilt mediation process that streamlines dispute resolution.

The main concerns for tradies…

  • Uncertainty whether invoices and job progress payments will be paid on time, causing cash-flow problems.
  • Time lost chasing invoices when you could be working on other jobs or enjoying a healthy work/life balance. 
  • The risk of misunderstanding and miscommunication, especially if the  homeowner’s demands change during the project.

For the Homeowner

  • TradeEpay is fast, secure and as simple to use as an online bank account.
  • Improved trust and confidence that your project will be completed to your satisfaction.
  • FREE to join… No establishment or annual fees.
  • Your payment is held in a secure holding account until you authorise the funds to be released.
  • Ensures job stages are completed before payments are released.
  • Provides clear, documented communication between you and your tradie.
  • Significant decrease in stress and worry regarding your project.

The main concerns for homeowners…

  • Making large deposit payments up front directly to your tradie.
  • A breakdown of communication and trust between you and your tradie.
  • The project will be unnecessarily time consuming and a negative experience.

TradeEpay's secure online payment platform provides confidence and assurance to both homeowners and tradies.

We facilitate transparent and smooth communication during the management of construction jobs and make invoicing and payments efficient and secure.

We provide the safety net for managing your construction job: an efficient online payment platform providing clear communication and mediation between tradies and homeowners.

We ensure that homeowners are satisfied with the results and that tradies get paid on time.

TradeEpay gives homeowners confidence

Homeowners can rest easy knowing that repair and renovation projects will be completed to their satisfaction before payment is finalised. Your agreed payment will be held in a secure holding account, fully compliant with Australian regulatory standards, until the job is marked completed and you agree to release payment.

Our online communication platform makes it easy to relay information between the homeowner and tradie

Use photos or written messages to eliminate the risk of misunderstanding and ensure satisfaction at all stages of construction. With all communication between the homeowner and tradie securely logged in one place, there is no risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Tradies use TradeEpay because they know their payment is held in the secure holding account and ready to be released at the end of each project stage, giving them peace of mind to concentrate on doing a great job and saving time chasing payments.