We take your
security seriously.

We’re big on trust.

Secure trust accounts are a great way to manage the payments for construction projects, they guarantee the payments for a contractor up front, whilst giving the client an added level of assurance and security. Until now though, they’ve tended not to be used for small to medium scale construction, as they can be notoriously complicated to set up and expensive to maintain. For a contractor working on a number of jobs each year, setting up a new trust account for every job they undertake is impractical and unrealistic.

TradeEpay changes this though, as it allows homeowners and tradies to take full advantage of the benefits of a trust account, without the hassle and complication that comes with setting one up.

We’re Australian owned and operated, which means we’re fully compliant with Australian regulatory standards and we take the security of our customers’ funds and data extremely seriously. Below are some of the security measures we have in place to ensure our compliance standards.

PCI-DSS Compliance

We ensure our customers enjoy the highest level of personal data protection available. Our payment processing partner holds PCI level 1 certification and remains in full compliance with all local and international regulations regarding secure data transmission and storage.

AFS Licensing

The payment processing system we use is certified and fully compliant with all Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensing requirements for financial products and services in Australia.

Security of funds

Payments made through TradeEpay are underwritten by local partner banks, so even in the highly unlikely event of a disaster, user funds are safe and protected.

128-bit SSL

The payment processing system we use encrypts and transmits all data securely, using across the board 128-bit ssl implementation, ensuring the best protection for critical data and transit.

Stringent auditing

As a fully accredited and compliant online payment service, our payment processing partner undergoes regular auditing by PCI authorities, local banking partners and card scheme providers.